Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, which is the winner of the session?

In every market there is a variety of options that the trader or investor must choose. In the crypto market this is also the case, so you should have as much information about it as possible. Between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, which one has performed best recently? To answer that, we’ll use the data from Binance, the largest exchange in the world.

About Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple
Initially, we know that Bitcoin maintains the highest market capitalization and liquidity, which makes it the „reserve“ currency against which all other cryptosystems operate. Trading between two alternative crypt currencies will often require Bitcoin as a bridge currency to facilitate the exchange.

Next, we must recognize that XRP is popular because it was created by Ripple to be a fast, less expensive and more scalable alternative to other existing digital asset and monetary payment platforms such as SWIFT. Therefore, it is also an attractive alternative depending on what you are looking for.

In addition, Ethereum created a platform to create new types of DApps, which can have a variety of uses ranging from creating new digital assets and uncensored web applications and more.

Ether (ETH), the native currency of the Ethereum block chain, is also used as digital money and can be sent to anyone in the world instantly.

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How have BTC, ETH and XRP performed recently?
In terms of variation in the last 24 hours, the one that has suffered the least change is BTC, which lost only 0.48% of its value. On the other hand, ETH decreased by 0.59%, while XRP lost 2.23%.

Of the three, the one with the largest market capitalization is undoubtedly Bitcoin, followed by ETH and one or two positions later we find XRP normally. If we look at the weekly price chart for each, we can see that the least volatile of the three has been XRP.

This can be recognized by looking at the Bollinger Bands indicator, noting that they are narrower in XRP and wider in Bitcoin, as expected. Nevertheless, ETH maintains low volatility, with the potential to increase, although not enough to match BTC.